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What is Conjoint Behavioral Consultation (CBC) in Rural Communities?

  • CBC in Rural Communities is a research project that investigates parent and teacher practices for improving student behavior at school and home
    • Researchers gauge the effectiveness of CBC for students, teachers and families in rural communities

What do I need to know about the project?

  • CBC in Rural Communities focuses on students in kindergarten through third grade
  • Up to 3 students per classroom can participate, with some classrooms receiving CBC services and others receiving traditional support
  • The project is coordinated by the National Center for Research on Rural Education and housed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

What about the research?

  • Collecting information about participating students is important for evaluating the effectiveness of CBC and other services offered in schools
  • All information is kept strictly confidential, and participating students will not be identified by name
  • Parents and teachers will be provided with a stipend for contributing information
  • Researchers collect the following information:
    • Video-recorded observations of classroom behavior
    • Ratings by parents and teachers
    • Interviews with parents and teachers

What if I'm selected to participate in CBC meetings?

  • CBC consultants arrange meetings between a child's teacher and parents that focus on promoting positive behaviors and reducing the negative
    • CBC helps teachers and parents collaborate to identify and address concerns by sharing input, ideas and plans for improving behavior at school and home CBC in Rural Communities is a problem-solving intervention for students with behavioral concerns

What are the benefits of CBC?

For children
  • Increase in positive behaviors (e.g., self-control, social skills, communication) and academic engagement
  • Reduction in disruptive behaviors (e.g., defiance, teasing)
  • Consistency between home and classroom environments
For teachers
  • Improved classroom climate, including fewer student-to-student and teacher-student conflicts
  • Better relationships with parents
  • Enhanced management skills and insights into students with behavioral problems
  • Receive a minimum of $150
For parents
  • Improved communication with children and teachers
  • Frequent updates on how children are performing in school
  • Meaningful input on classroom goals and strategies for reaching them
  • Opportunities to use CBC-inspired strategies with other children
  • Receive a minimum of $100

What is expected of participating teachers?

  • Provide input on classroom and educational procedures
  • Partner with a consultant and parents to promote positive outcomes for students with behavioral concerns
  • Participate in 4-6 one-hour meetings during the school year

What does the consultant do?

  • Offers support and coaching for parents and teachers
  • Provides research-based knowledge on behavioral strategies for use in the classroom and home
  • Coordinates and facilitates meetings between parents and teachers

Yes, I'm Interested

CBC Works: Case in Point

Danny, a smart, funny, outgoing second-grader

The Situation

Danny had trouble following directions. At school, he was disruptive and unfocused in class. At home, he was defiant and unfocused during bedtime.

The Plan

At school, Danny had an activity checklist for math class and received a reward when he interrupted the class fewer than 9 times. At...

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